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How to Write Fast in Neat and Good Handwriting?

How to hold a pen to write neat and fast?

The best way to hold a pen is to hold it in the same way that you're used to holding it so far unless it's making you uncomfortable and really restricting you from writing in a flow. Finding a new way will slow down you even more and will take forever to adopt. 

How to write neatly and fast in cursive?

Writing in cursive is already a faster form of writing but if you think that your cursive gets messy once you speed up, then you can try to write with more gaps between your letters, maintain their consistency (size and height), and shape them properly so your handwriting looks neater and identical by others.

How to write neatly with speed in exams?

You'll probably be in one of these two categories. Either, you can write neat and in good handwriting but not at the necessary pace that you require or you can write fast enough but in the end, it's barely readable by others or even you sometimes, and all over the place.

If you're the first, you'll need to learn to increase your speed but while still being able to maintain the neatness and consistency in your handwriting, and if you fall into the second category, you'll need to learn to have more control over your hand and maintain at least the basic shape and size of the letters while writing in the quickness that you're used to which will contribute to neater handwriting overall.

I've heard a lot of people saying just go and write neater and speed will come automatically with practice when someone asks how to have nice and readable handwriting while keeping the speed. But this is not the best way to improve your fast handwriting.

The best way is to practice both, neatness and speed simultaneously. Unless you're going to practice, nothing will change. Handwriting is just like any other skill, meaning if you want to improve it you've to do it, again and again, to get better.