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Pat Flynn - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts and More

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is an online entrepreneur from San Deigo who created several successful businesses since he was laid off from his architectural job in the year 2008.

His first online business came as a result of losing his job during the recession period. It was a blog that was serving a specific group of people and helping them pass an exam called the LEED exam.

It's a tiny exam that someone wouldn't imagine creating a real business on that topic but the blog was so successful that Pat was making serval times more money than he would in his job.

To date, he teaches people that you don't need to create the next big thing to become successful. You just have to serve a specific group of people like he did, so that you could really know their problems and that's how you connect better with those people.

Pat Flynn is mainly known for his SmartPassiveIncome blog and podcast. The major standout thing in the early phase of his blog was transparency about his income. For several years, he used to share his income reports openly on his blog.

He also started other businesses like in the food truck and security guard space as a part of a project to show people that you don't need to be experts to create a successful business in any space, you just have to have slightly more knowledge than someone who's just stepping in that space.

When he was laid off, April, his wife was his fiance back then whom Pat often credits for supporting throughout his journey of losing the job to building almost an empire online. They have two children, Keoni and Kai.

Pat is the advisor for many companies now including Convertkit, an email marketing tool.

I can speak about Pat all day long, about his post-it notes, and his love for Back to the Future and DeLorean. Pat, if you're reading this, love you man! Appreciate you!