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Matti Warren: Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Matti Warren

Matti Warren is a passionate hunter who grew up and spent most of her time in the outdoors. She herself started hunting at the age of seven, however, she was going hunting with her family even before that.

After from a hunter, she's also a real estate agent dealing with farms and ranches.

Being a passionate hunter and having been born as a hunter, she was also promoting the hunting culture. She used to invite her classmates who never hold a gun and teach them how to shoot a gun.

After graduating high school at the A&M University of Texas in late 2017, she began giving more time as the host to the show 'The High Road' which is a TV program run by her dad Keith Warren.

Her father Keith Warren is a popular hunter.

In an interview, Matti said that she almost never eats vegetables and is completely dependent on meat. But one thing that she likes to eat apart from the meat is Guacamole.

She has a brother whose name is Colton. Matti got married to Ryan Tackett in Texas in 2020.