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Jose Zuniga (TeachingMensFashion) - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Jose Zuniga

Jose Zuniga (born on 13th December 1994, Florida) is a YouTuber who is making videos on men's fashion, lifestyle, and grooming.

He started with Instagram in August 2012 by posting fashion tips, and later he started YouTube when he was 17, and uploaded the first video on his channel in September 2012. Now he has uploaded thousands of videos to date.

His most popular videos are on Men's clothing hacks and tricks.

He has gained several millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel TeachingMensFashion.

He is associated with brands like Esntls, JadeBlack, and Manscaped.

He manages the channel along with his brother named Juan, therefore their channel's about session says "two brothers changing one man at a time".

He got engaged to Karla in early 2019 and shared stories on his Instagram. Later he also added story highlights of his engagement and marriage on Instagram @techingmensfashion.

Another YouTuber in his niche is Alex Costa, who is another top YouTuber in Men's Fashion and Lifestyle niche.