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Nasir Kharma (Kharma Medic) - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Nasir (Kharma Medic)

Nasir Kharma (born on 9th July 1995, Vancouver, Canada) is a medical student at King's College London University who has gained large-viewership on his Youtube channel Kharma Medic.

He started YouTube in March 2018 and uploaded the first video where he shared his journey on how he reached to the medical school.

Soon after his birth, his family moved to Athens, Greece and he lived there until he was 18 years old and completed his primary education. Later he moved to the UK to pursue his career in medicine as he was very interested in medical field.

Before entering King's College, he applied to several universities like Bristol, Southampton, Queen Mary, including King's College. Later he got rejected by Queen Mary and got interview offers by the remaining three. He ended up choosing King's College.

His Instagram is @kharmamedic.