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Jessica Bartlett - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Jessica Bartlett

Jessica Bartlett (born on 24th October 1996, United States) is a well-known California based Instagram celebrity who achieved more than 700,000 followers on her account @jessicambartlett and over 50,000 on her backup account @jessicambartlett2.

In November 2013, she posted the first post on her account and started to posting more posts about her early career before modelling. But since 2018, she is consistently posting her swimsuit and lingerie modelling shoots on different locations and created story highlights.

Also, she has featured her pet dog Chloe with her in several pictures.

Jessica begin cheerleading at the age of 10 and also posted some of the photos and videos in the beginning on her Instagram.

She has performed at various cheerleading tournaments during 2014-15 such as National Cheerleaders Association and USASF. Her team Cali I6 walked into the finals and ranked 3rd globally in Cheerleading Worlds 2015, Florida.

In a news article her mother, Alicia Bartlett said that the family is really proud of what Jassica has accomplished in cheerleading.

She attended the Paso Robles High School, California and in February 2014 she got admitted to one of the prestigious; University of California Berkeley for graduation under chancellor's scholarship which is offered to only few thousand students every year.

She has two brothers named Josh and Sam.