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Emma Jakobi (mmmenglish) - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Emma Jakobi

Emma Jakobi is an English language coach who teaches English on her Youtube channel mmmenglish. This channel has a subscriber base of over 2.5 million English learners globally.

She was born on 4th February 1986.

Emma started making videos on Youtube in September 2015.

She has uploaded hundreds of videos on English pronunciations, conversations, English words which are incorrectly pronounced, grammar, accent training and plenty of other stuff that are viewed millions of times by avid English learners over the course of time.

Her most popular video is about mispronouncing which got over 15 million views.

Emma lives in Fremantle, Australia.

She has married to Shah Turner.

The venture TheLadiesProject was started by Emma which worked to develop confidence and speaking skill for women.

As a hobby, she loves cooking and shared a couple of posts on her Instagram account @mmmenglish_emma.

She has also uploaded a youtube video where she made Pizza with her brother Ben, which was a kind of recipe with English learning video.