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Savina Gabriella - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Savina Gabriella Savina Gabriella, an athlete from Ireland moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil for Athletics. Her one reel got very viral crossing 100 millions views and 10 millions likes. Her Instagram handle is @savinagabriella. The bachelor of law by profession is now well know for street workout on Instagram. She has done her training from AcroFun Training Centre, SP, Brazil. She is also a part of Extremo Nordeste, a street workout team.

Craig Percoco - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Craig Percoco Craig Percoco is the owner of Inevitrade which includes crypto trading and day trading course, based in Boston. He also run a self-titled YouTube channel where he teaches trading, reviews investments and also shares live trading videos. He started his YouTube channel in August 2017, where the first video on the channel was about his journey on how he earned money with his laptop. Some of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel are on Dogecoin.

Deadnsyde - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Deadnsyde Deadnsyde is a channel on YouTube which talks about stocks, stock market tips, and successful stock market stories. This channel was started in August 2020 and gained close to 200k subscribers in just one year. His most watched video on YouTube till date is about how he made $50k in one week on Robinhood. His Instagram handle is @deadnsyde.

Anthony Senpai - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Anthony Senpai On his Youtube channel named Anthony Senpai, he mainly creates YouTube shorts on money challenges, pranks, experiments by which he gets a lot of eyeballs to his videos. The most popular short video to date is a Coke and Mentos explosion experiment with over a hundred million views. He has also cut pokemon cards many times in his YouTube Shorts and while streaming on Twitch.

Nikki Delventhal - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Nikki Delventhal The Wilhelmina model turned solo full-time traveler. The hiker and traveler living full-time in Toyota Prius who's also sharing her journey on her self-titled YouTube channel Nikki Delventhal. She was a hairstylist, NFL cheerleader, and fitness instructor before becoming a full-time traveler. Her Instagram handle is @nikkidelventhal. She has a dog who travels with her named Camper. Camper also has a separate Instagram account @adventuresofcamper. She has founded CamperCares, a charity project which aims at helping families and animals in need which her YouTube ad revenue and donations.

Malama Life - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Malama Life Sophie, a YouTube creator based in Maui. Hawaii who's channel is all about minimalism. Her channel is called Malama Life, in which, Mālama means to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve. In her videos, she also encourages slow living, meaning living in the present movement, and appreciate all the simple joy instead of worrying about and living in the future. She posted the first video on her channel in June 2020, and her most popular video to date is her evening routine. Her Instagram handle is @malamalife.

Nassrin's DIY - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Nassrin's DIY Nassrin is how-to videos on home upgrades and DIY tips on her YouTube channel called Nassrin's DIY. The most popular video on her channel is about bathroom remodel. She is a Nurse by profession. She wants to be financially free and quit her nurse job and go full-time as a YouTube creator. Her viewers can also become members through Patreon to get access to exclusive and early content. She also has a cooking channel named Nassrin's Kitchen.