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Morgan Ketzner - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Morgan KetznerMorgan Ketzner (born on 1st November 1993, Minnesota, US) is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencer who gained over 500k followers on her Instagram account @morganketzner.She posted the first post on her Instagram account in May 2014, which was the post regarding her ad campaign with Sigma Beauty.She has created many story highlights from her various travel destinations like Las Vegas, Tulum, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, and many more.She is a Public Relation (PR) Major by profession.

Apollonia Llewellyn - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Apollonia LlewellynApollonia Llewellyn is a 20-year-old Tiktoker, fashion influencer, and model who has gained over several thousands of followers on her TikTok account.She has also gained over a hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account @apolloniallewellyn.She has been also featured in Daily Star magazine, and been the World Supermodel of England.Her Snapchat id is @apolloniabarbi.As said by her on her site, she started her modeling career by the age of 14 and worked in different types like fashion, swimwear, bridal, and more, and in several different countries.

Jordan Page - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Jordan PageJordan Page is a YouTuber who gained a large subscriber base on her YouTube channel named as Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree.FunCheapOrFree being the name of the blog, which she is the founder of.She makes videos on budgeting, financial planning, and frugal leaving.She has eight kids named Hutch, Priya, Beck, Daivy, Mory, McEwan, Joss, Devereux, and Rome, and her husband named Bubba Page, whom she was married in the year 2007.In 2010, she went in debt of $15,000, she repaid it by doing money management and frugal leaving.

Cora Shircel - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Cora ShircelCora Shircel (born on 18th June 2000, United States) is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty YouTuber who gained over a hundred thousands of subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.She started YouTube in Nov 2018 and completed the first 100k subscribers on 18th August 2020.Her Instagram handle is @coral_seashell.She also has a business account on Instagram @corasclothingco which was started in April 2020, where she sells clothes from her closet.Being a student along with YouTuber, she studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Clare Ratcliffe (Ben Stokes's Wife) - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Clare RatcliffeClare Ratcliffe is well-known for being the wife of England all-rounder cricketer Ben Stokes.Ben and Clare were engaged in the year 2013 and got married on 14th October 2017, Somerset. They have two children named Layton (son) and Libby (Daughter).In December 2019, Ben Stokes got an award from BBC Sports and shared a picture of the award with Clare on his Instagram account @stokesy.On Valentines Day of 2019, Clare shared a picture with Ben and captioned "our 9th Valentine's day together".They also attended the wedding of Jos and Louise Buttler in 2017.

Gert Smith (Trent Boult's Wife) - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Gert SmithGert Smith (born on 6th August) is well-known for being the wife of a New Zealand cricketer Trent Boult who is a left-handed seeing bowler. She's a teacher by profession.
They got engaged in June 2016 and married in August 2017, Auckland.
In July 2018, Trent shared a post on his Instagram account @trrrent_ captioning Can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family later this year! And later in 2019, he posted some with Gert Smith and his newborn son.
Gert's Instagram handle is @gertie__b.

Sebastian Pirie - Wiki, Age, Bio, Facts & More

Sebastian PirieSebastian Pirie, a medical student at the University of Sydney, Australia got started on YouTube in September 2019 and posted videos on like study with me, medical schools, and about the life of a medical school student.The most popular videos on his channel are real-time study and productivity videos.Running and playing guitar and his hobbies.